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What We See Working in Private Practice Right Now!


The COVID-19 crisis is about to separate successful businesses from teetering businesses.


Because April is around the corner and bills are coming due. Those businesses and practices that have prepared for the downturn are going to make it through this and the ones that haven't are going to have some uncomfortable times ahead.


There are some patterns emerging from some of the practices that we work with that we feel are setting the standard for getting through this time profitable and poised for the future.

Some of the things that we are seeing that are working:

  • Leaders practicing deliberate calm or "bounded optimism"

  • Transitioning to Telehealth

  • Continuing to Bill Insurance

  • Outsourcing WHATEVER You Can

  • Saving Money

In our video this week, Jeremy goes through how private practice owners are doing each of these things to keep their practices afloat.



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