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How To Operate With A Shelter-In-Place Order

Michigan's governor, Gretchen Whitmer, just announced a shelter-in-place order as of today. She is also requiring "non-essential" workers and businesses to shut down. 

Based on the wording in the executive order, Practice Solutions is considered an essential business and you are to. Below is the link to the executive order for your perusal, but here are the statements that mandate that we continue with business: 

  • Section 8, A: Healthcare workers are considered essential

  • Section 9, b, 6, c: Workers in the insurance industry, but only to the extent that their work cannot be done by telephone or remotely.

For most practices, this means that they can continue their work as normal, but

What do you do if your clinicians, patients, or you don't feel comfortable going into the office?

How do you take a company completely remote?

Practice Solutions Partner, Jeremy Zug talks about ways that you can take your company fully remote:



Top Lessons:

  • Have regular meetings with your staff

  • Adapt your processes for remote capabilities (i.e. payment portals, video conferencing, etc.)

  • Outsource anything you can

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate


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