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Why NOW Is a Good Time to Outsource


Why is now a good time to outsource? This is an interesting question that needs to be explored. Right now, during the COVID-19 crisis, it may be counterintuitive to outsource, but think about this.

1. People are going to need mental health treatment whether they come to your office or not

2. People are DEFINITELY going to need mental health treatment after this situation

3. If unemployment is at an all time high right now, we are going to see a spike in depression, substance abuse, and anxiety. Along with a whole host of other health issues.

4. Our country still has a shortage of mental health professionals and you are needed now more than ever

Just because there is a global crisis doesn't mean that mental health treatment becomes irrelevant. In fact, mental health treatment is incredibly more relevant now than before.



Outsourcing is the KEY to a successful practice because it enables you to focus on running your practice and providing the best treatment that you can.

According to American Progress, "Each year, health care payers and providers in the United States spend about $496 billion on billing and insurance-related (BIR) costs, according to Center for American Progress estimates presented in this issue brief. As health care costs continue to rise, a logical starting point for potential savings is addressing waste. A 2010 report by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) estimated that the United States spends about twice as much as necessary on BIR costs.2 That administrative excess currently amounts to $248 billion annually, according to CAP’s calculations."

We need to be focused on providing the best mental health treatment that we can to as many Americans as possible, especially during a global pandemic.

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