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What Practice Solutions Values in an Insurance Biller

friendly insurance biller for mental health

Hiring a biller for your private practice requires a lot of preparation, research, and trust. At Practice Solutions, we try to take some of that responsibility and stress off of your plate by hiring the best possible billers that we can match you with who are capable, trustworthy, and most importantly passionate about being a champion for your practice. We have a certain level of expectation for our billers, and we wanted to share with you what we think sets our billers apart from the rest.

Someone Qualified

Qualification may seem like a given, but we think it’s worth mentioning since it can really make a difference in the experience you have with insurance billing. Anyone can do billing, but experience develops skills and an understanding of the insurance industry that yields a higher success rate with claims getting paid. We see many providers who attempt to complete their own insurance billing, but without the experience end up getting stuck with denials, rejections, or a backlog of billing that is at risk of not meeting the guidelines of timely filing. We search for billers who have a great deal of experience in medical billing, or who have completed certification programs to become a medical biller. On top of any pre-existing experience or certification, all Practice Solutions billers receive in-depth training specific to mental health billing. When you hire a Practice Solutions biller, you can be sure that you are working with a qualified professional who can handle all of your billing issues!

Someone Detail Oriented

Insurance billing involves a high amount of attention to detail in order to be successful. The entire process is about following rules, making sure that all information is correct, double checking all forms and payment postings, and taking detailed notes on follow ups. We look for billers who are naturally detail oriented to take care of this work for you.

We understand that attention to detail is not everyone’s strong suit, and part of running a business is playing to your strengths! It’s why many therapists seek our services to complete the detail oriented work that may not be a strength of theirs. We’ve put time and effort into developing highly detailed processes that generate results so you don’t have to.

Someone with Patience

Our billers are all practiced in the art of patience. They will put in the hours on hold with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. They review and submit claims, check eligibility upon request, and are accessible to answer questions from providers like you. All of these things take time and patience, and we are proud of our team for devoting the necessary time to each task. We have patience so that you can see your patients (pun intended).

A Personal Touch

First and foremost, we value personal relationships with our clients. All of our billers reside in the United States, which allows for greater accessibility between biller and provider. We feel that a Practice Solutions biller should be an extension of your private practice, and when mental health clinicians sign a contract with Practice Solutions, you’re inviting us to be a part of your team. Because of this, you have a designated biller that is assigned to your account. They are the familiar face that knows all of the ins and outs of your practice’s insurance billing. You get many of the personalized perks of an in-house biller for a fraction of the price.

A Team Player

Rest assured that if your biller is on vacation, your account would be covered by another equally qualified biller. We make sure that everyone on our team is supportive of each other, and your biller has a network of colleagues within Practice Solutions to cover accounts when needed, bounce questions off of, verify information, and share learning experiences. Teamwork is a part of the job, and we think that it makes for better billers.

Sound Good?

If these are qualities that you also look for in a biller, then look no further than Practice Solutions! Get in touch with our team today to learn more and see how you can utilize our billing services to advance your practice and meet your goals.


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