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4 Resources to Help Add Telehealth Services


While other practices are thinking about what they are going to do to adjust to impending cash flow issues, you can be taking proactive steps to grow and expand your business.

Yes, the realities of global unrest are real, but so are the opportunities for business growth and just have to be looking for them. We have received quite a few requests for resources to help practices pivot to telehealth systems, so we decided to compile four of those resources in this post as an effort to help you expand and pivot your services!


Doxy.Me - The simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution.® - HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing and Practice Management Software, supporting both teletherapy and office visits! - The Online Counseling Directory is a list of the very best online therapists in the world. We've vetted each one to insure they have the right amount of education, experience and online therapy training. You have the freedom to search our online therapist database and find the right therapist for you. - Automatically track patient progress, make measurement-informed decisions, and get reimbursed for doing so with Blueprint.


Yes, this is a time of unrest, but it is also a time to make changes to your business that can put you in a position to explode your business after all this is over. We would encourage you to think in terms of long-term growth and development. Make changes today that yield long-term results tomorrow and beyond.

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