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4 Common Billing Mistakes to Avoid; The Private Practice Startup with Kelley Sonnenberg

Our very own Kelley Sonnenberg, Billing Director of Practice Solutions, got to sit down with our friends over at the Private Practice Startup and share 4 Common Billing Mistakes to Avoid. In the episode, Kelley shares what her experience as a biller has taught her about what NOT to do when accepting insurance in your practice, and alternative strategies that you can employ to avoid these mistakes!

You can check out the episode over at The Private Practice Startup website, or on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.

4 Common Billing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Working with too many insurance companies

In the episode, Kelley talks about how many insurances are too many insurances, and the complications that can arise by working with too many insurance companies.

2. Not completing clinical notes in a timely manner

How big is your "stack" of clinical notes to be completed right now? If you are like most therapists, you've probably got quite a few. Kelley provides some insights into the importance of staying on top of your notes, and methods that can help you do so!

3. Not having the proper "team"

Do you wear many hats within your practice? At what point should you delegate responsibilities? What roles do you need to fill? Kelley defines the team members that we see successful therapists rely on.

4. Assuming that everything happens overnight with the click of a button

If this were true, Practice Solutions wouldn't need to exist. Insurance billing takes time. By trusting Practice Solutions with your insurance billing, you gain that time back to focus on patient care. Kelley peels back the curtain on why insurance can be complicated, and the value that we offer as your insurance billing partner.


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