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3 Most Common Billing Errors

It is one of the most frustrating things to get news of a denied or rejected claim. Most of the time these claim errors are simple and easily remedied. The top three most common billing errors may surprise you, and fixing them will be the simplest thing you do today.

Here are the 3 most common billing errors and how to fix them:

1. Entering incorrect information for the provider (name, address, contact information, etc.)

The provider information goes at the bottom on the claim. The information on the claim needs to match exactly what is on the contract paperwork with the payer. When every detail is covered exactly then claims go through without a hitch.

To fix denials or rejections due to incorrect information for the provider all one must do is look at the contract and EDI paperwork and make sure they match. All it takes is some attention to detail.

2. Entering incorrect information for the patient (name, sex, date of birth, insurance ID information, etc.)

Not surprising the second most common billing error is incorrect information for the patient. This is most frequently found in the name and ID information. If any of the patient information is off by even one digit the claim will be rejected.

To fix this error, make sure that the patient information is exactly how it shows on the insurance card. It is that simple.

3. Entering incorrect information for the insurance provider (policy numbers, address, contact information, etc.)

Finally, the third most common billing error is entering incorrect information for the insurance provider. Again, this can be found on the back of the insurance card and needs to be entered on the claim exactly how it is found.

There are times, when you will have the information exactly the same and the claim will still be rejected or denied. In this case call the local office to find out if that plan requires a different submission method or location.


There is value in paying attention to small details. By paying attention to the small details you can save yourself time and stress.

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