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NEW! Mental Health News Bulletin

Welcome to our Mental Health News Bulletin!

We will be regularly publishing articles and new related to mental health, billing, health insurance, and more directly on our blog! As we monitor trends in the industry we want you to be kept up to speed on the latest news, so we will be publishing regular news updates.

Stay tuned for more, but for now here is our news bulletin:

How Congress Can Address The Mental Health Issue Of Mass Shootings

Forbes published an article on what Congress can do to address the mental health concerns of mass shootings. Feel free to click on the heading to read the original article.

Here is a direct quote from the author Sarah Chamberlain: "Federal and State legislatures, administrations and agencies motivated by compassion and costs can make meaningful changes in how our nation addresses mental illness. These are treatable conditions. Families are desperately crying out for help and it’s time for Congress to act."

Morning Report: The Mental Health Care System Is Clogged

The Voice of San Diego, an online media outlet, published an article about how the mental healthcare system is clogged in San Diego county. Feel free to click on the heading to read the original article.

Here is a direct quote from the author of the article: "New data shows adult behavioral health patients with Medi-Cal insurance collectively spent more than 13,200 days waiting in hospital beds regionwide after doctors decided they were ready to be discharged for long-term care during an 11-month period.That’s up 27 percent from waits reported over a 12-month period just two years ago."

Paths to Treating Mental Illness

The New York Times published short letters from a psychiatrist and patients discussing the use of drugs and psychotherapy in the treatment of depression. Feel free to click on the heading to read the original article!

Trends in Health Insurance Coverage

The CDC published a data set of the long-term trends in health insurance coverage. Click on the heading to see the original data set of how Americans have been covered by health insurance since 1968!

Utah insurance agency hosts car show for benefit of mental health clinic

According to Insurance Business America, Independent Utah insurance agency, Heiner's Insurance Center, hosted a car show last week for the benefit of a local mental health clinic.

The insurer held its fourth annual “Cruisin' for a Cause” in Ogden, Utah for the benefit Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah. Sponsored by Auto-Owner's Insurance, the show featured vintage and classic cars, as well as several Hollywood movie vehicles.

Read more about the event here.

Dr. Kevin Most: Mental Health and dealing with stress and anxiety in children

According to WGN Radio, "This weekend has shown us how that the predictable world we used to live in is no longer that. On Saturday and Sunday, we had 2 mass shootings that left close to 30 dead and over 50 injured. The health impact of this is far reaching, Our emotions range from sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and depression, for most of us it is a mixture of all of these."

Read or listen to the interview here.

Viewpoint: The health insurance system's cruel indifference

Times Union published a moving article about a man's son who ended his life on April 9th because of a $20.00 difference in his health insurance.

According to the article, "My son, Danny, ended his life on April 9. He did it over $20.This was a $20 premium payment to his health insurer, FidelisCare, that he had missed because his phone had been shut off and he was moving. He never received the notice. When he learned about it, Danny paid the premium immediately, but FidelisCare told him that because it was past the first of the month, his plan would not resume until May."

Read more about the article here.

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