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Advanced Analytics

Do you often feel like you don't understand your business? Are you aimless when it comes to setting goals? Do you want to know how your practice measures up to national averages? 

We can help you set reasonable goals and provide strategies that will help you to meet those goals. 


Are you working too many hours and KNOW there must be a better way to do your work? Do you think your staff isn't doing the most efficient job they could?  Is there transparency and accountability in your practice? 


We can help you to transform how you do your work so you can focus on the things you want to be. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you spending too much time calling insurance but can't afford a billing service? Are you spinning your wheels and feel as if your claims are stuck in the process? Are you making as much money as you should from insurance and patients? 

We can help you to overcome billing obstacles and revolutionize your revenue cycle management.

Information Technology

Are you paying for an Electronic Health Record but don't think you are getting the most value out of it? Are your staff using an EHR but there is no accountability structure? 


We can help you learn how to use your EHR to maximize your work and learn how to set up systems to make sure all your work is getting done. 


Do you have administrative staff that has a difficult time talking to patients? Are your administrative staff fearful of collecting money from patients?  Is your biller overwhelmed and flooded from all the billing tasks? 


We can ensure alignment across your organization through training, ad hoc claims resolution, and lateral administrative support. 

Change Management

Are you worried about national changes in healthcare? Do you have anxiety around staff turnover? Have you considered how your practice will be effected by local, state, or federal changes? Do you have a plan to mitigate the risk of those changes? 


We want to empower practice owners to think through and plan for changes that affect the practice. We will develop strategies that minimize the impact of those potential changes. 


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